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video sparx review & bonuses | A collection of animated lower thirds, animated video assets

video sparx review : video sparx A collection of animated lower thirds, animated video assets, animated backgrounds and stock videos for your productions.

introducing about video sparx review

Video is one among the foremost powerful sort of content you’ll create for marketing your products and services and generating sales. albeit you don’t sell products or offer services, having an excellent video is useful as google ranks video higher in search results which is useful for your blog and/or website.

BUT not most are knowledgeable editor and should not possess such skill and find yourself having a basic video for marketing your products. Don’t worry, one among the simplest ways to enhance your videos, is by adding professional graphics and animations.

Little touches to your videos, like lower-thirds, backgrounds, music, stock video and animations can go an extended way for turning a traditional video into a unprecedented super-video and assist you reap profits.
You can add of these elements in your video through VIDEO SPARX, and increase the response rate, traffic and increased sales.

what is video sparx review ?

Video is one of the most powerful types of content that you can create for marketing products and services.

Unfortunately, most people are not Steven Spielberg, or a professional editor.  Typically, this means that most videos for marketing look very basic, and are missing that professional touch that helps make videos stand out and grab attention.

One of the best ways to improve your videos, is by adding professional graphics and animations. 

Little touches to your videos, such as lower-thirds, backgrounds, music, stock video and animations can go a long way for turning a normal video into an extraordinary super-video.

With Sparx, I have put together those elements that I use to improve my videos, so you can do the same with your videos, and get more response, and more sales!

Who is the creator of video sparx ?

Ray Lane : Emperor at Ray The Video Guy

video sparx review

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what inside video sparx review ?

170 Animated Lower Thirds

Want your videos to seem just like the pros on TV? Then you would like to use lower thirds. This collection of animated lower thirds will make your videos look as great because the shows you see on TV.

Also included with the 140 lower thirds is training on the way to use the lower thirds and the way to try to to advanced editing for even better special effects! Samples of the Lower Thirds.

Animated Backgrounds

Another great way to make your videos leap tall buildings in a single bound is with beautiful animated backgrounds, which can be used behind text, behind graphics and even behind actors on a green screen!

Animated Buttons

Want to get people to take action from your videos?  Animated buttons can help you do that!  From FB ‘Like’ buttons, to YouTube subscribe buttons, this collection will help make your videos look amazing and get people to take action!

60 Packs of stock videos!

Hundreds of stock videos to use in your productions. Included are categories like Aerials, Samples of a couple of videos Aerials, Animals, Beaches, Birds, business, Cars, Cats, Dogs, Drinks, Editors choice, Fire, Fireworks, Foliage, Food, Fun, Insects, Lakes, Rain, Rivers, Slow-Mo, Snow, Space, Sports, Sun, Timelapse and ore!

Full Training!

All of this video stuff can tend to be a touch complex.

 this is often why I provide FULL and COMPLETE training on the way to use each of the Sparx that we include! you’ll find out how to use the lower thirds when editing your videos. you’ll find out how to use the animated buttons, the backgrounds and therefore the stock video.

I spent tens of thousands to travel to school and study video production, and now i’m getting to share this with you for fewer than 1/1000 of that cost! you’ll be, a video marketing SUPER HERO!

A FREE Video Editing Program!

Don’t let the very fact that you simply get this one free, fool you into thinking this is often a joke.

This program may be a top-end editor, in line with movie Pro or Adobe Premiere!

video sparx bonuses

Bonus Virtual Studio 1

video sparx bonuses

Bonus1 Virtual Studio 2

video sparx bonuses

Bonus#2 Virtual Studio 3

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