salehoo wholesale review & Does It Really Work ? How to Make Money From Dropshipping

salehoo wholesale review & Does It Really Work ? How to Make Money From Dropshipping

salehoo wholesale review : Based in New Zealand, Salehoo was founded in 2005 by Simon Slade and Mark Ling. the thought to start out Salehoo was conceptualized by Simon Slade, a former online retailer at TradeMe – an area auction website.The idea happened after he found it difficult to locate wholesalers, drop shippers, and suppliers providing real wholesale prices.

That is not all. Simon Slade couldn’t find suppliers able to work with a replacement business.

suppliers who are able to offer low or no minimum orders and suppliers who are legitimate. Faced with the challenges above and more, he met with Mark Ling. Mark Ling is an online entrepreneur and he’s also the owner of Affilorama, Jamorama, and Rock Piano. Simon Slade teamed up with Mark Ling and that they both co-founded Salehoo.

Today, Salehoo has 8,000+ trusted wholesalers and dropship suppliers, 1.6+ million branded products and 24/7 customer support and free training for brand spanking new and upcoming retailers.

salehoo wholesale review
salehoo wholesale review

Introducing about salehoo wholesale review

Before beginning with the remainder of this Salehoo review.

it’s important to reiterate the very fact that they are doing NOT sell their own products itself. Salehoo merely acts as a wholesale directory. You’re still liable for browsing through their product categories, contacting suppliers.

etc and checking out the small print of product delivery and other factors before you come to an agreement.

But wait. Can’t I just get this information from Google? Yes, and no.

No doubt, one single look for , let’s say, ‘baby clothes US supplier’ will show you options within the tens of thousands. From then on.

 you create an informed guess about your supplier, select the products you think that would sell, and get in touch with the wholesaler privately -all without the third party.

Salehoo’s main pitch, however, is to eliminate the unnecessary time wasted with guesswork and getting into circles.

It breaks down valuable insight on what sells, what doesn’t, and other important bits of data about your supplier on the primary page itself.

This dramatically reduces the time needed for you to conduct Google searches, possibly send tens of inquiries back and forth together with your dropshipping wholesalers and suppliers, etc.

Be that because it may, there’s no denying the very fact that you simply can still find most of these things on Google. It just involves far more time.We do, however, think Salehoo may be a excellent spot to urge started.

Total beginners to the planet of dropshipping won’t be very sure of what product niche to start with! Much less what to seem for during a good supplier, etc. Salehoo would be an honest guide for those that are still battling this. or even you’re already a longtime dropshipper -looking for vetted.

legitimate wholesalers and suppliers to grow your business. Salehoo really does work the simplest for anyone who wants to save lots of time, maximize profits, and find more suppliers to figure with!

What is salehoo wholesale review ?

SaleHoo may be a New Zealand company that was founded back in 2005. it’s a “wholesale directory” that connects you with 8,000+ legitimate suppliers and a couple of .5 million products. SaleHoo may be a “service” and not an immediate supplier in order that they don’t sell actual products.

It is a web selling tool that you simply can use to look for and compare suppliers and products.

 you’ll look for products to sell by product name, brand, and category.

While the corporate is found in New Zealand, tons of the suppliers within the directory are located within the us , uk , Canada, Australia, and China.

salehoo wholesale review
salehoo wholesale review

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How Does salehoo wholesale review Work?

As mentioned earlier, SaleHoo drop shipping may be a directory for locating suppliers and wholesalers.

and to line your online retailing business. The working of this platform is extremely simple and basically acts on three basic steps –

1 – Find ideas and products that are in demand within the market

2 – Use the SaleHoo directory for locating suppliers for the products

3 – Contact the suppliers and finalize you deal

What’s the difference between Wholesale and Dropshipping?

As you’ll remember I’ve mentioned both wholesale and dropshipping already and that they are two differing types of supply chain management.

Wholesale – this is often the method of buying inventory on mass at a reduced rate from a manufacturer then selling it on to your customers at a markup price.

Dropshipping – this enables you to sell products to customers without stocking the inventory.

So at now , it’s worth asking yourself, do I even have storage for products? supported the solution thereon will determine whether you’ll choose a wholesale or dropshipping model.

IS salehoo wholesale review LEGITIMATE?

SaleHoo has been operational for over 17 years. an summary of reviews from the higher Business Bureau revealed that SaleHoo received an A+ accreditation from 47 customers and clients alike.

Therefore SaleHoo may be a legitimate business solution that assists online retailers with locating reliable companies to structure beneficial relationship with.

For those that can’t be asked to read through everything, let me just say this. It’s the right directory for a few people, but not for everybody , and during this article.

we’re getting to explain who it benefits and who should be looking elsewhere.

At Hustle Life, we’re all about earning more by working smarter. So once we decided to research and review Salehoo.

we were immediately excited by the concept of somebody removing all the diligence that comes with drop shipping.

But does Salehoo actually deliver on its promise? How does it compare to the opposite drop ship and whole directories online? Let’s jump right into it and see.

salehoo wholesale review
salehoo wholesale review

Pros and Cons of salehoo wholesale review Platform

Here is that the list of pros and cons consistent with my experience at SaleHoo –


First of all, is that the simplicity in registration and use of the platform. you are doing not need to undergo some complicated, fancy tool for getting your business started. The platform and thus the tool are quite simple to know , even for a non-technical person like me.

The availability of variety of brands at a minimal registration fee. Normally, if we go individually, an equivalent would cost us a fortune.

 you’ll find brands like Disney, Adidas, Lego, Sony, etc. brand suppliers here without much trouble.

All the suppliers listed herein have undergone a strict verification process, and therefore, you’ll believe their genuine services.

The membership plan of $67 yearly includes all the services available on the portal. There are not any hidden fees, and actually , you get a money-back guarantee of 60 days, just just in case.

SaleHoo reviews provide you with training materials also as some lessons to kick starter your dream business with drop shipping.

The customer network of this online directory is just amazing that gives help in every possible situation. you only need to call or message them for any help associated with your business with the web site .


One of the downsides of this platform, that I personally feel, is that it’s hard to succeed in the customer support on weekends. On weekdays the connectivity and therefore the support you get is amazing.

When you purchase a product from SaleHoo Shopify and decide to sell it on third party eCommerce websites.

then the profit margins aren’t that great. there’s a selling charge once you sell products on Amazon or similar websites, which may eat up your profit.

The directory definitely lists many products for your use; however, there are many many products that haven’t been covered.


Salehoo offers a flat price of $67 for access for an entire year. Plus a replacement option that provides lifetime access for $127.

The pricing for Salehoo is seen as very competitive within its market. Worldwide Brands, one among the most important competitors to Salehoo offer a comprehensive directory of wholesale products which is upwards of 16 million. However, Worldwide Brands membership costs $299.

When you are considering who your dropshipping supplier is it’s worth brooding about how long are you getting to do that for? Is your dropshipping business a short-term project to fund your ambitions of fixing your own store?

salehoo wholesale review
salehoo wholesale review


In this conclusion of this SaleHoo review, i might wish to recommend this directory to everyone who wants to start out with the dropshipping business. it’s an incredible platform with variety of resources, training materials.

 also as customer support to assist you build the business. If you’re looking somewhere to start out from, then this is often where you ought to check out .

If you’ve got your own space for the warehouse, the wholesale prices can bring you an outsized margin of profit . However, if you are doing not have your own space but still looking to succeed in new levels on online marketing.

then SaleHoo dropshipping is ideal for you.

I started my journey of dropshipping from this platform, and therefore the way it’s changed and formed my career and goals.

 i will be able to suggest you’re taking this path too. So, to answer your final question during this SaleHoo review – Yes.

SaleHoo may be a good platform for drop shipping business.

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