You are currently viewing marketcourse review & Bonuses – Does It Really Work? a SAAS product for creating, hosting and managing courses
marketcourse review

marketcourse review & Bonuses – Does It Really Work? a SAAS product for creating, hosting and managing courses

marketcourse review : MarketCourse is a SAAS product for creating, hosting and managing courses & lessons. Upload guides, webinars, E-books and monetize instantly. Setup an entire site in one click.

what is markectourse review ?

MarketCourse is an online SAAS application that allows anyone to start building an online fanbase with 1-click entire site, course & lesson generation.

Auto-generate thousands of hours of content to monetize to your customers and start growing your community. Monetize your community with advertisements, referrals, affiliate links and collect potential customers’ emails with our simplistic newsletter signup form on your site.

We integrate directly into WarriorPlus, simply generate a unique link on our platform and put this in your warriorplus product settings. Once someone buys your product they automatically get invited to your MarketCourse site via email. You can even restrict certain lessons to certain ‘access levels’, make them free or add premium courses!

1 Click – auto generated sites.

We use an auto-generating algorithm to generate you bespoke, unique fresh courses and lessons that are not used elsewhere, this provides you high google rankings on-top of video content bonuses.

marketcourse review
marketcourse review

Online video, text and downloadable content provides your users with hours of time to revisit your website and gives you an endless source of sale promotion possibilities.

One of a kind third party integration

Sell your courses by restricting them to your paying customers, or simply give them to your exlcusive mailing list with our build in customer invitation software and warriorplus integration.

Our WarriorPlus integration automatically mails your customers with an invite to courses and lessons you have setup when they purchase a product of yours. It’s automation to the extreme!

No Servers, no domains, and no experience required!

MarketCourse is built to be as simple as possible, from our automatic site generation to our simply built UI with beta-tester feedback. We run updates almost daily providing new features and within 4-hour response support times.

You don’t need a domain, server experience or even course building experience to get started. You can create your own bespoke site or have one generated for your needs and start making sales in minutes.

High content google rankings

We’ve built MarketCourse with SEO at heart. When you build your site we setup all your meta tags and tracking links to your needs. With our generation software your content is always unique and will be highly ranked by google in days.

Premium support

Our product has been tested for months and built with users in mind. If you have any trouble working on your site, our support is always here to provide you with instant updates on your support request and resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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How marketcourse review works ?


Creating courses is incredibly simple, you’ll setup your own bespoke courses or use our provided automatic site generation tool. provides it a title, description and other details like the length and expertise level and you’re ready to start out making your lessons. you’ll also schedule courses for release, generate hype and launch at a selected date and time. All automatically handled for you!

marketcourse review
marketcourse review


Once you’ve created your course – you’ll now move onto creating your lessons. this is often another really simple process with our creation page. Fill in your course title, description, give your lesson a card color which will be shown. you’ll use our provided editor to make your lesson, this is often full of features like images, videos, aligning and every one the content tools you’d come to expect.

Restrict your lessons to certain customers by adding access levels, by default 1 allows anyone to look at your course but you’ll set these to higher levels and have different tiered customers.


You’re set! You’ve now got your course and lessons setup and are onto the step of inviting your customers to access your course. By default anyone can access your site but if you’d wish to personally invite people you’ll use our simple invitation tool by providing an email address and you specify your access level (if desired) to limit which lessons they will view.

Your customers will receive a call for participation email asking them to check in and consider your course, we track all the stats on these to reflect how well your site is performing. we offer WarriorPlus integration so as soon as customers buy your product they will get access to your course.


Once your website, courses and lessons have been setup your customers are ready to start your courses. Your courses will be publicly visible if you have an access level of 1.

otherwise your customers are able to sign up and start browsing your amazing content.

Unique Selling Points

Build & Monetize an online fanbase passively with ONE CLICK entire site, course & lessons generation with videos, ebooks and so much more!

Designed from the ground up, bespoke and truly one a kind product for a one time price.

DFY Entire video, essay, lesson and content generation for your courses.

Huge affiliate commissions by placing advertisements and subscriber signup links on your site, in ONE CLICK.

Planned ongoing support to continue and develop MarketCourse.

Customize your site layout, design, course videos, images, content, lessons and so much more – it’s super simple with our settings editor.

Scale effortlessly with the complete setup – we’ll set up & host everything for you.

Massive collection of FREE course materials (50GB!!) & other niche specific content to auto-generate entire sites with courses.

marketcourse Bonuses


Buy today during our launch sale offer and you will recieve access to free course materials. This includes pre-made video series, ebooks, marketing material, pdf’s, tutorials and so much more. We’re talking HUNDREDS of hours worth of content all FREE.

It couldn’t be easier to generate courses and make money online with this package.

have your site up and running with hundreds of hours of content in 3 easy clicks..

marketcourse bonuses
marketcourse bonuses


It can’t get simpler, buy today and get access to automatic 1-click course and lesson generation. Sit back and relax and have an entire website, with multiple courses and multiple lessons per course. Select from your niche of what content you want on your site and we take care of the hard work. In seconds your site will be fully generated and ready to start making sales.

marketcourse bonuses
marketcourse bonuses

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