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guru in a box review & Bonuses |100 Awesome IM Lessons Done With Personality

guru in a box review : guru in a box is 100 audio IM lessons done by Kam Jennings, personally. this is often over 46 hours of content!!! all of them accompany a FULL PLR license! The length of the teachings range from 14 minutes to almost 2 hours and canopy many various aspects of internet marketing including email marketing.

list building, product launching, membership sites, podcasting, youtube, and far more! These lessons are delivered during a unique way that has stories also as actionable content.

The Guru in a Box package started as a humble podcast created by me to provide maximum value to the internet marketing space. I ran this show over a course of 9 months (from November 2019 to August 2020) and wrapped up with a grand finale on episode 100 with an almost 2 hour show!

what is guru in a box review

This is literally having 100 lessons from an internet marketing expert at your disposal. You are free to not just LISTEN to the Guru in a Box.

not just gain valuable knowledge and insight from these lessons…but you are free to do the following as well:

Introducing About guru in a box review

I’m excited to announce that Kam Jennings (aka Kam Fatz ) is back with another great product that completely over delivers… This one is going to make it easy for ANYONE to see success… This is an extremely powerful package of 100 audio lessons, taught by Kam personally, that comes with FULL PLR license! This series is designed to teach people all about the ins and outs of internet marketing, using stories.

actionable content, humor, and just plain unique charisma.

Aquiring PLR rights on content this good and this unique is UNHEARD of. It’s over 46 hours worth of amazing value! It’s different… Kam has taken care of everything with this package. Imagine what you could do with that much GOOD content? You could literally start a membership site and auto drip a Guru IN A Box lesson to your members once a week.

and that would be almost 2 YEARS worth of content!!!

The doors open right at 1 am Eastern, and you’ll want to head over to the link below right at 1am Eastern to get the best deal possible on this…

Just to make sure you don’t forget, I’ll also send you an email as soon as the doors open tomorrow… You really don’t want to miss this one. These kind of unique content packages with THIS much content do not come along very often, and you have to scoop them up when they do…

guru in a box review
guru in a box review

features of guru in a box review

100 full audio episodes of IM lessons (46 hours, 23 minutes, 7 seconds of content)

The rights to transcribe and sell written forms of ALL episodes of Guru in a Box! (And the EXACT PLACE to get the transcriptions done FOR FREE!)

The FREEDOM and TIME that comes with acquiring a TON of high quality original content that you can use for your own designs!

A full on Private Label Rights License to those 100 episodes giving you rights to sell, and edit those episodes

Packed with entertainment value to build rapport

–>Full of actionable content to build trust

–>Comes with FULL PLR license for you to use them as you see fit!

–>Fantastic content for Membership sites

–>Perfect for turning into audio books or packaging with other products

–>NO additional costs

–>Unique and Original content from an experienced marketer!

For more information click here to get discount

guru in a box Demo

who is the creator of guru in a box review ?

guru in a box review
guru in a box review

My name is Kam Jennings and I’ve been doing online marketing for years now. Putting in all that work. Gaining all that experience. Gathering lots of stories, and lots of insights to share with people along the way.  Below are some screen shots of income I, personally, have generated…

guru in a box OTOs + funnel


Guru during a Box is 100 audio IM lessons done by Kam Jennings, personally. this is often 46 hours, 23 minutes, 7 seconds of content of content!!! all of them accompany a FULL PLR license! The length of the teachings range from 14 minutes to almost 2 hours. These lessons cover many various aspects of internet marketing including but not limited to email marketing, list building, product launching, membership sites, podcasting, youtube, and far much more! These lessons are delivered during a unique way that has stories also as actionable content.


OTO1 is that the video counterparts to all or any 100 of the audio lessons. this may essentially double the worth of the FE product by adding video to the content. These videos will accompany a FULL PLR LICENSE!

guru in a box review
guru in a box review


DS1 is that the Epic Conversions Insider’s Club. It’s my monthly low ticket membership program that provides members a fresh IM product every single month, group coaching and keeps them up so far on the most recent tips, tricks and info within the IM space.


OTO2 is replays on a 90 day workshop that I did on Membership Programs. This very special program will take someone from complete newbie to opening their own membership program in 90 days or less. this is often an AWESOME addition to the Guru during a Box content package!


DS2 takes Guru during a Box to subsequent level and offers a set of 10 complete Make Money Online Systems. this is often really getting to help round out their education and permit them to use the Guru during a Box content at a better level. At the worth this is often getting to be a no brainer for patrons .


OTO 3 offers customers a Max Deal Affiliate Opportunity. it is the chance to market Guru during a Box as an affiliate at 100% commissions through the whole funnel. I expect this to try to to alright .


DS3 offers customers who passed abreast of OTO3 an Plus Deal Affiliate Opportunity. they’re going to get 100% affiliate commissions on the front and 75% through the remainder of the funnel. i think most of the people who pass abreast of OTO2 will snag this one for the acute value.

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