faststart 9 review | fast start 9 review | faststart 9 bonus & bonuses
faststart 9 review

faststart 9 review | fast start 9 review | faststart 9 bonus & bonuses

faststart 9 review : This easy to follow modular training covers how anyone can found out an easy affiliate funnel and be during a position to form their first dollars online in around 9 hours.

It doesn’t make any assumptions – It begins with getting a website name & hosting and fixing business emails.

It covers fixing a WordPress site and the way to make high converting pages.

As your customer progresses through each module they’re doing two things…

Learning the way to build pages and funnels even without even having to make a free giveaway.

2. Putting into place their core site which will be a foundation upon which they’re going to build their online business

In short, this may be a benchmark go-to product for brand spanking new online


faststart 9 review
faststart 9 review

Who Is It For?

People who are new to online marketing and want the easiest and fastest route to making their first online dollars.

It is also great for people who have jumped in but for whatever reason have yest to see any success at all.

The Product Structure

The product is delivered over 9 modules. Each module has a pdf download that is the core training with a checklist on the final page. These modules are supported by 17 over the shoulder videos.

faststart 9 review

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The Funnel

Upsell #1- Three DFY Affiliate Funnels

In the training, I show the way to create funnel pages in WordPress. That module is that the longest and, for a replacement person, the bit that they’ll well find the foremost challenging.

I have created three DFY affiliate funnels using an equivalent tools as shown within the videos. These are during a Wordpress site the the customer can clone onto a replacement , blank WordPress installation.

They will then just need to edit a couple of links, drop by their form code and that they are good to travel .

faststart 9 review
faststart 9 review

Upsell #2- Three DFY Email Sequences

Complimenting the last upsell perfectly, these emails are designed to follow abreast of the new subscribers and re-sell the affiliate offers.

Upsell #3 – The Rodgers Report Special Price (& Downsell #2)

This is my private newsletter. this is often a recurring product and there’s a choice between monthly and quarterly subscriptions

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