curation cloud review & Bonuses – Does It Really Work?
curation cloud review

curation cloud review & Bonuses – Does It Really Work?

curation cloud review : Curation Cloud allows you to build multiple blogs with curated content all on complete auto-pilot. Our content feeds are updated every minute with up to date viral content.

What Is Curation Cloud?

The front end offer includes our Curation Cloud system which allows your users to build multiple blogs with curated content all on complete auto-pilot. Our content feeds are updated every minute with up to date viral content.

Not only can your users build multiple blogs on auto pilot with content but they can also build backlinks on auto pilot as well for every content piece they post.

Including: WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Imgur, Blogger, Reddit. So while the system runs in the background it will build content and backlinks.

Some of the features included are:

Unlimited WordPress blogs


Unlimited social profiles

Unlimited content feeds

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curation cloud Demo

How curation cloud review works

It is super simple to implement this awesome tool. Here, let me show you how.

Step 1: Sign up for your Curation Cloud membership.

Step 2: Connect this tool to your blogs. 

Once you have accessed this tool, you have to link it to websites as well as social media accounts. Currently, the tool can associate with WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Imgur, Tumblr, Reddit, and Blogger.

Step 3: Carry out a quick research to build your high-converting curated collection of content.

It is quite simple to do this research. All you have to do is to fill in some information, such as your keywords, content source, and the tool will show you the top trending content in your niche. 

Then, you can select one or multiple articles to share on your site. A tip to boost the performance of your posts is to share content with your thoughts. Also, you should encourage the readers to express their opinions too.

Step 4: Decide where to post the content.

You can choose to post the articles on your blogs or your social media channels. A secret to generate more traffic is to post your content to social media and link back to your site. 

Step 5: Schedule your posts.

After building your content, you are able to publish it immediately or schedule for later. 

And the best part is that you can schedule as many posts as you like. This means that you can create your content for the next weeks or even months in advance.  

curation cloud funnel + OTOS

OTO1 – Curation Cloud Monetization

Your users are going to be ready to monetize their content and blogs on auto pilot with 70 DFY campaigns. These are going to be auto added to the content and posts. Your user chooses the campaign and sets monetization.

Affiliate link is added, plus call to action and button also . The campaigns are often fully modified and that they can even add their own campaigns and offers.
Price $37 down-sell to $27

curation cloud review
curation cloud review

OTO2 – Curation Cloud Pro

This will allow the user to make their own feeds by adding and building their own RSS feeds. this may allow them to create unique blogs and unique content for his or her social backlinks.

They can also bulk upload content on to the system via the CSV upload. The content are going to be scheduled on the times specified. this enables your user to make and build their sites with unique content and set the schedule for days, weeks or maybe months beforehand .
Price $47 down-sell to $37

curation cloud review
curation cloud review

OTO3 – DFY Starter Site

Your Own Online Business (90% discount from normal price) Your users are going to be ready to start their own online business, here’s what they’re going to get…

Their own unique premium name valued by GoDaddy at over $1k
Easy to manage website (no coding skills needed)
Complete done-for-you store with over 100 products preloaded
The ability to feature thousands of additional products easily
Automated order processing

Website optimized for fast loading to offer the simplest customer experience
Elegant responsive store theme compatible with ALL devices
Mobile commerce ready store
Level-1 PCI Compliant so you do not need to worry about the safety of your customers’ mastercard data
Professional logo design
All website content and graphics
Functional contact page
FREE SSL certificate included
Full support to urge your store up and running

curation cloud review
curation cloud review

curation cloud bonuses

BONUS#1 Income Bots

curation cloud bonuses
curation cloud bonuses

Anyone taking up DFY solution as part of the Curation Cloud Launch, will also get a complete step-by-step training course on operating and promoting your own Internet business.

This over-the-shoulder course is valued at $447, and will teach you everything that you need to know to grow your business towards your six-figure income goal.


market your store with FREE organic traffic and paid methods

optimize your product listings and get the most out of your store

use advanced techniques to make more money per customer

Business Valuation

We estimate the value of this DFY business to be well over $5k, based on the domain name value, software assets, business training, strength of the industry and potential future revenue.

Launch Price $497

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