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affiliate funnel bots review : Affiliate Funnel Bots is a cloud-based software, which creates complete affiliate marketing AND resell rights campaigns.

The software allows your customers to profit & build a list as a product owner AND an affiliate.

With FunnelBots, your customers can…

(a) sell 10 of our top-selling software tools from JVZoo (that sold over 30,000 units).
They will be ready to sell the products on JVZoo, ClickBank, etc… keep 100% of the profits & get all the leads!

(b) sell 30 of the top-selling affiliate programs on JVZoo, ClickBank, WarriorPlus & Amazon
They will be ready to promote these products, and build an inventory at an equivalent time

For each of those 40 products, we’ve created…

1) finished you videos – professionally created
2) headlines & sales copy
3) pre-created links – just replace together with your own ID

affiliate funnel bots review

All of this is then pre-loaded into the Affiliate Funnel Bots.

Your customer can simply…

STEP 1 – Login to Affiliate Funnel Bots via their browser

STEP2 – Choose from 40 products to promote/sell (affiliate or resell rights)

STEP3 – Choosefrom 20 VSL & squeeze page design templates

STEP 4 – Customize the template (tweak headline, change colours, integrate your autoresponder/buy links, etc)

STEP 5 – Upload the design to your site, then rinse & repeat with 40 products!

affiliate funnel bots upsells :-

UPSELL 1 – AffiliateFunnelBot ELITE – $37

ELITE is an upgrade that gives customers an expansion pack with 30x extra campaigns.That’s 5 more resell rights products, and 25 extra affiliate campaigns.

Once again, all of these have everything done for them – with pre-made videos, headlines, affiliate links etc. PLUS, we give them an extra 10 design templates (5x VSL and 5x squeeze pages).

UPSELL 2 – AffiliateFunnelBot DONE FOR YOU – $67

With DONE FOR YOU, we give customers the ability to infinitely expand their campaigns… with resell rights!

We do this with 4 software tools…

1 The Resell Bots WordPress theme! — This new software gives you a complete digital product stores in seconds, pre-loaded with software tools that earned me over $300,000…

2 The Traffic DB software – with thousands of Internet marketing websites to get traffic from (to promote your new store)

3 Resell DB software – contains thousands of hot products that we can easily license & resell…so users can expand their store, add even more products – and scale up

4 Rapid Video Creator software – THE the fastest way to create sales videos, for the thousands of products you’ll find inside the Resell DB software. So we can sell unlimited products – with unlimited sales videos. And generate massive sales and leads – with your very own info product business!

UPSELL 3 – AffiliateFunnelBot PRO – $27 per month

A special deal to get access to 30 software tools (that sold over $1,000,000 of units) from all my previous launches on CB & JVZoo. Includes tools for resell rights, video, affiliate marketing, traffic, website-builders & much more!

UPSELL 4 – AffiliateFunnelBot EXTREME – $97

The core part of this offer is my “DayJobKiller” course, which sold over $100k units at $247 and $497. This package teaches people how to sell their own info products, as taught by me – one of the all-time top vendors on JVZoo & ClickBank HISTORY!

There are 50 training videos included and 8 insane software tools, all focused on allowing people to quickly create their software/info product empire.

For more information click here

affiliate funnel bots bonuses

Bonus 1Video Training   

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to deploy the DoneForYou campaigns in a matter of seconds.
I’ll  show you PRECISELY how to launch your first Funnel Bot and get free traffic. And remember… you can build a list, launch  affiliate reviews, or even sell my done-for-you products.. all from this ONE cloud-based app. In this training, I’ll show you how!

Bonus 2Quick Start PDF 

I KNOW you want to launch your first funnel in a matter of SECONDS. And that’s why I created this short, to the point PDF which shows you precisely how to do it!

Bonus 3Campaigns Zip File

affiliate funnel bots review

Bonus 4Resell + Bonus &Give-Away Rights 

OK, here’s where things get even crazier! With FunnelBots, you’ll sell my resell rights products (7 softwares that cost me over $17k to build)… except for the launch period, we’re also supplying you with bonus AND give-away rights, so you’ll give access to those tools away as bonuses for when people buy your products, or maybe as give-away rights, so you’ll use them as “lead magnets” so people that check in to your list and obtain up to 7x software tools. Wow!

affiliate funnel bots review

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